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Sandra Cotting, RN, BSN, MS
Advanced Holistic Nurse

A Registered Professional Nurse for over 30 years, Nurse Sandra brings comprehensive health and wellness management strategies and has extensive experience and advanced training in holistic, natural therapies and integrative health approaches.  Nurse Sandra specializes in holistic health and wellness consultations, CranioSacral therapy, energy-based natural healing therapies and wellness coaching based on mindfulness, comprehensive nutrition, and lifestyle strategies.  With a holistic focus on health, healing, wellness and whole person well-being, Nurse Sandra’s primary interest is helping people of all ages and their families thrive, grow and achieve their health goals and improve how they think, feel and work in daily life.  Schedule an appointment today.

About Nurse Sandra
Why Natural Holistic Therapies?

Why Natural Therapies? 
My Approach 

Nurses are in a unique position to understand and address fundamental and comprehensive aspects of whole person health and wellness across the lifespan.  Holistic therapies offered are safe, non-invasive and non-pharmacologically based that can support natural health, healing and well-being.  Natural holistic therapies can also support and be coordinated with a medical management plan.  As an Advanced Holistic Nurse, Sandra offers many areas of integrative health therapies including nutritional, dietary and lifestyle strategies, mind-body therapies and energy-based healing therapies.  Nurse Sandra inspires both CranioSacral manual therapy and energy-based therapies as non-invasive and effective treatment modalities for improving daily lives and enhancing overall well-being .  Clients often report experiencing less pain and physical symptoms, improved focus, as well as feeling a sense of calm, restoration and rebalancing after treatment.  Therapies improve the body’s overall and natural ability to rest and relax supporting restoration and self-healing which then can produce profound, positive and lasting results. 


Natural holistic self-care methods, skills and lifestyle coaching strategies are learned and practiced at home to enhance everyday health and well-being.  Therapies and self-care methods can be integrated during one session.  Therapy sessions are both unique and individualized and self-care programs are highly personalized.  Daily self-care and home practice skills offer safe and effective tools in achieving better overall health, well-being and managing energy levels. 

Adult * Child & Teen Theapy

Holistic Health

CranioSacral Therapy for Adults

CranioSacral Therapy for Adults

Therapies are beneficial in promoting wellness and treating many health challenges including stress related issues, pain syndromes, headaches, back and neck pain, emotional challenges, TMJ as well as soft tissue issues. Areas of treatment also include cancer and immune system support, gastrointestinal and neurological disorders.

Therapy for Children

Therapy for Children

Because therapy is gentle and non-invasive, it is an effective modality of treatment for children. Areas of interest include ADD/ADHD, focus concentration and development, concussion support, chronic symptom management, ear infections, pain management as well as emotional and stress related issues.

CranioSacral Therapy for Teens

CranioSacral Therapy for Teens

Therapy for teens is especially beneficial in achieving a sense of calm, relaxation and centeredness amidst their busy lifestyles. Areas of interest include treating stress related issues, anxiety and depression as well as symptom management and injury support. An emphasis is encouraged towards self-care and achieving steps towards daily wellness in school and extracurricular activities.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching

Personalized holistic and natural approaches for rebalancing, restoring and maintaining optimal health, daily function and performance. Areas of interest include nutritional based therapies, mindfulness and meditation, breathwork, creative visualizations, mindset techniques and daily lifestyle management.

Mind-Body Health

Mind-Body Health

Holistic mind-body awareness techniques include intention, grounding and centering skills, lifestyle improvement strategies, stress reduction, mindfulness and meditation, focusing skills and mind-body flow exercises to restore balance and achieve well-being.

Energy Health Therapies

Energy Health Therapies

Accumulated stress is the underlying cause of many health conditions and disease. Restore and rejuvenate with energy balancing therapies. Energy therapies engage the body's natural relaxation response and are beneficial in promoting health and well-being. Self-restoration through energy therapies have a positive and cumulative therapeutic effect.

Natural Therapies and Holistic Health Benefits:

Central Nervous System Support

Supports, nourishes and rebalances the central nervous system improving overall health, well-being and daily functioning. 

Emotional Challenges, ADHD, Concussion Support

Promotes greater sense of calm, focus, clear thinking and enhanced overall mind-body integration and functioning.

Improving Self-Care and Self-Healing 

Encourages and boosts the body's natural resting state thereby enhancing its ability to self-regulate and self-heal. 

Symptom and Pain Relief 

Assists the body in softening and releasing areas of pain, restriction and dysfunction located in the fascia and soft tissues.  Improves circulation and biological processes redirecting the body's inner resources towards self-healing and restoration. 

Breathe and Flow Exercises

Supports the body's natural recovery and restoration.  Balances physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Relaxation and Stress Management Skills

Enhances natural state of calm,  rest and relaxation.  During the time of rest and relaxation, the body is inherently capable of renewing, restoring, repairing and therefore; healing  itself.  

Natural Therapies

CranioSacral Therapy supports body structure and function

CranioSacral Therapy is a light touch, whole-body assessment and treatment protocol developed by Dr. John E. Upledger, DO, OMM as an effective method to support and nourish the central nervous and fascial systems for the purpose of improving overall health, well-being and function.  CranioSacral Therapy is a client-centered manual therapy which works to support and rejuvenate the body’s natural biological systems and unique rhythms by evaluating and addressing imbalances at their source.

CranioSacral Therapy has been found effective in improving body system function and fluid dynamics.  Because CranioSacral therapy is so supportive in relaxing and calming an overworked nervous system, it is an effective treatment for many health conditions.  This is because most chronic illnesses are caused by stress.  And,  the only time the body can heal and restore itself is during a time of rest.  CranioSacral therapy creates a supportive environment which enables the body's natural and restorative healing processes so the body can then heal itself.  Examples of health issues which benefit from CranioSacral therapy include chronic stress, pain management, TMJ/migranes, ADHD, concussion, cancer and immune system support and other chronic health conditions.  Evidence-based studies show CranioSacral Therapy can make a positive impact and improve the quality of daily lives.  Read more at:

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